Unprecedented precision, performance and design.

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The Prima3000 has 1¼-inch plates. The Prima3100 has 1-inch plates.

Learn how to style with PRIMA3000® / Prima3100
The PRIMA3000® and Prima3100 by BaBylissPRO® take the very idea of a straightening iron to unprecedented heights. Crafted from the most advanced materials. Designed with cutting-edge features that redefine ease of use and excellence of performance. This is the ultimate achievement in styling tools.
  • Convex SUS304 stainless steel housing is lightweight, corrosion and warp resistant. The purpose of stainless steel construction is to allow parallel and even distance between heating plates at all times. Heat will not warp stainless steel as it does most plastics.
  • Dual Function straightens and curls with maximum ease and effectiveness.
  • Aircraft-grade titanium plates deliver highly efficient heat transfer and instantly smooth, condition and shine.
  • HiDensity Dual-Ceramic Heating System delivers more power for up to 20% faster heat-up* and exceptional heat transfer – up to 465° F.
  • FullWave Thermal Science provides instant heat recovery and constant temperature.
  • IonMultiplier Technology – 2x greater ion concentration* for smoother, shinier, more beautiful results.
  • Silicone is highly heat resistant and is used in key heat-sensitive areas.
* Compared against other BaBylissPro® straighteners.